Environmental Responsibility

I want to write this post as an Indian to my fellow Indians after observing something which touched my heart.

How often have we seen boards and signals in many places not to throw waste, we refuse to obey it. Most people say that there is simply no space or a dustbin to dispose a plastic bottle or a chocolate wrapper. I do agree that our waste management is poor; but I am not talking about waste management.

Aren’t we responsible for the environment that we live in?

Aren’t we responsible for the future generation’s opportunity to enjoy nature/ environment as we enjoyed it or even more than what we did?

Yes, we are responsible for both, I do not intend to enlighten you with facts about plastic, but think about your own children, do you think they are drinking good water, if you do; aren’t we the ones who polluted the sources? Each and every one of us? Similarly we have been polluting nature in many ways.

I have observed that people refuse to use a dustbin even when there is one. Near to where I stay right now, there are two large bins for throwing waste which will be emptied in the morning. People are still reluctant to walk extra few meters to drop waste into those bins, rather they prefer to throw it around in a manner that is convenient for them.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

We all know how filthy our Cities and Towns are despite it sporting a clean look at main city areas, I do not wish to elaborate on it further. However I would like to bring forward an experience from my trip to Athirapally Waterfall, while climbing down it was quite visible that the people have been throwing all kinds of trash in the way from plastic to degradable waste. All I could do was notice and feel irritated. But on my way back I came across a woman from France who was picking up plastic waste and collecting it in a plastic cover which someone has thrown away. I was humbled by her and she made me look like a worthless human. My initial thoughts were honestly to walk by just like everyone else, but some instinct kicked in me and I helped her collect the waste and throw it in the bin allotted for the very purpose.

It brings us to the question, are we doing enough to keep our surroundings safe and pollution free for the current generation, the next generation and for all life on earth. I stop this post here for you to think further on this issue.

2 thoughts on “Environmental Responsibility

  1. You are absolutely right. One thing I have noticed is that we tend to shy away from the responsibility citing lame excuses like “it’s not in our power to do anything” and so on, when the simple solution is for every single one of us to do our part properly and everything fall into its rightful place. I respect the Japanese people in that regard a lot. Education and awareness is only the first step to the solution. We adults should implement these inorder for the children to watch and learn. Thank you for such an inspiring post. Keep up the good work

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